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What is an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon (OMS)?

A: An oral and maxillofacial surgeon is a specialist in the treatment of disease problems associated with the jaws, teeth, mouth and face. The type of problems that we see may be as simple as a tooth extraction or as complicated as reconstructive or tumor surgery. Educational requirements include a four-year graduate degree in dentistry and an additional completion of a four-year or six-year hospital surgical residency program.

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons care for patients who experience such conditions as problem wisdom teeth, facial pain, and misaligned jaws. Oral surgeons treat accident victims suffering facial injuries, offer reconstructive and dental implant surgery, and care for patients with tumors and cysts of the jaws. We are specially trained to treat functional and esthetic conditions of the maxillofacial areas.

With specialized knowledge in pain control and advanced training in anesthesia, the oral and maxillofacial surgeon is able to provide quality care with maximum patient comfort and safety in the office setting.

Is WA Jaw & Facial Surgery currently accepting new patients?

At WJFS, we are always accepting new patients for specialty care. There is no age limit – young or the young at heart, both are welcome in our practice.

Does WA Jaw & Facial Surgery accept referrals?

Absolutely! We work with many different dental and medical practices throughout the Seattle area to provide for their patients in need of specialty care from an oral surgeon. Even if your general practitioner has given you the name of another provider, you may still contact our office on your own to see one of our doctors for your needs.

Does WA Jaw & Facial Surgery need me to have a referral from doctor?

Here at WJFS, we do not require a written referral from your dental or medical doctor. Patients can initiate their own care if they have a situation that requires care from our group of doctors. Just call any of our oral surgery office locations and any of our team members will help you find a convenient time for a consultation.

Do I need a separate consultation or can I be treated the same day?

Many patients are seen and treated the same day. This is typical especially for extraction and other simple problems. Complicated problems may require separate consultations.

Why did my dentist send me to an oral surgeon just to pull a tooth? Can’t he do that?

Yes, but your dentist feels it is in your best interest to be treated by someone trained in advanced surgical and anesthetic procedures in a fully equipped surgical and anesthesia setting.

How do I know if I need oral surgery?

In most cases, your general dentist will recommend that you visit an oral surgeon for treatment. However, if you have any concerns that you think might require oral surgery or you have a question that your general dentist could not answer, please directly call one of our four convenient locations to schedule.

I am pregnant, is it safe to have oral surgery?

If you are pregnant, we’ll only perform emergency oral surgery (not elective surgery) and use local anesthesia. You will be required to bring clearance from your OB-GYN doctor or have it faxed to our office.

I take Coumadin (Warfarin), do I need to stop?

If you take Coumadin, you may not need to stop. You must call our office to determine the proper treatment. Bloodwork (INR) is often required. If you have had bloodwork performed in the previous month, please obtain the result from the prescribing doctor before calling our office.

I take Plavix (Clopidogrel) and/or Aspirin do I need to stop?

Not necessarily. Often it is based on the procedure you will be having, so please call our office to determine if stopping these medications is necessary. If you must stop, please do so 7 days prior to your procedure, as this is the time required for the medication’s effects to be inactive.

I have a joint replacement, should I take antibiotics prior to my surgery?

This decision is to be left to your orthopedic surgeon. Please contact your orthopedic surgeon to determine if antibiotics are necessary.

I breastfeed, is it safe for my baby if I undergo general anesthesia?

The anesthetic agents used for general anesthesia are quickly metabolized and excreted from your body. Therefore, we recommend that you pump and store enough breast milk to be used for 24 hours after your anesthetic.

How long prior to my general anesthesia must I not eat or drink?

You may not eat or drink anything for 8 hours prior to your general anesthesia. If you must take medication, do so with a tiny sip of water 2 hours or more prior to your procedure. If you require antibiotic prophylaxis, you may take the medication with a tiny sip of water 1 hour prior to your procedure.

What medications may I take the day of my general anesthesia?

Most of the medications you take daily can be continued the day of your general anesthetic. Any medications you normally take in the morning should be taken prior you procedure, especially blood pressure medications, GI reflux medications, seizure medications, thyroid medications, etc. If you have any questions, please call our office the day before your planned procedure.

At Washington Jaw & Facial Surgery, our goal is to provide the highest standard of oral surgical treatment possible. We see patients from all over the greater Seattle, WA area. We look forward to hearing from you.

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