TMJ and Orofacial Pain Specialist

Weiran Jiang, DDS, MS

Dr Weiran Jiang

Dr. Weiran Jiang completed her Orofacial Pain Residency Program at Eastman Institute for Oral Health in 2020 and her Master of Science Degree in 2021 majoring in Pain Modulation and Exercise-Induced Hypoalgesia at the University of Rochester in NY.

Dr. Jiang prides herself for her non-invasive and pain-free approach in treating (TMD) Temporomandibular joint disorder, most commonly known as TMJ. Her treatment protocol is to treat the cause, not just the symptoms of pain.

Outside of work, she spends time with her husband and her daughter venturing the Pacific Northwest. She enjoys listening to classical  music and loves to sing acapella to her daughter.