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Dr. Guo and his staff are truly wonderful. I am a very nervous dental patient, I cry even when I get a filling. When my dentist told me I needed to have my wisdom teeth extracted I freaked out. I was referred to Dr. Guo for the procedure which I had today. Christa was amazing for scheduling and worked with me while I changed my appointment several times due to conflicts on my end. She never grew impatient with me and was always courteous, friendly, and genuinely helpful. Claire was my dental assistant today and she was a joy to work with as well. She calmed my nerves and kept my mind off of the procedure while prepping me. She described in detail how to take care of myself post-op and what I could expect to experience after the procedure. I felt very knowledgeable and prepared going into the procedure which empowered me and helped me be less afraid. Dr. Guo himself has excellent bedside manner. He gave me a big smile upon meeting me and I felt that he would genuinely take good care of me. Everyone was helpful, kind, and caring and made a procedure that I was panicked about totally seamless. The general anesthesia was fantastic, I can’t remember the procedure at all. If you are like me and you get really spooked about dental surgery this is THE OFFICE to go to. They will take phenomenal care of you.


I had all my wisdom teeth extracted last week and the surgery was as smooth as I can think of. I had general anesthesia, very comfortable before and after the surgery. Wounds are as minimal as possible, even I have a fully impacted tooth, there are no pain after the first day.

My daughter had four wisdom teeth removed last week. I had many questions for the doctor as she is developmentally very young and has medical issues. The doctor address every concern and answered every question I asked. The staff reviewed after care with me twice (once before and again after the surgery.) I found them polite, professionally, and attentive.
Normally, my daughter would scream at the top of her lungs however the staff handled her beautifully and I didn’t hear a peep. I began icing my daughter for 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off for a full day. She had very slight swelling the first day and didn’t have any bruising at all. We gave her pain medicine to first couple of days and by the third day she said her mouth didn’t even hurt. I would highly recommend Washington Jaw & Facial Surgery to anyone needing their wisdom teeth removed and can not thank them enough for taking such good care of my little girl.
Frank Pratt

Dr. G and his staff are in a word magnificent. Dr. G’s knowledge is beyond measure then coupled with his unmatched surgical skills and you have the best in the business. I’ve been treated by Dr, G for some time trying to minimize the affects of a military active duty trauma injury and say without reservation he and his staff are the best I’ve experienced spanning a 20 year restorative process. You simply can’t do better than Dr. G and his staff.